Valena Fürstenberg

Pony Maedchen designer
Valena Fürstenberg

Femininity is a virtue


PONY MAEDCHEN was founded in Berlin in 2007 and has evolved into a globally recognized brand by now.

We have worked with several celebrities and brands, such as RAMMSTEIN, SONY, the Leningrad Cowboys and Peaches.

Several German TV presenters like wearing Pony Maedchen, both on the air and privately, for example our favorite Maedchen Enie van de Meiklokjes,  Kamilla Senjo, Paula Lambert and Simone Panteleit.

The ever wonderful Lexy Hell wore a bespoke Pony Maedchen gown to a private reception with Jean-Paul Gaultier – who honored our creation by exclaiming „What a beautiful dress“!!

But all that didn’t just happen. We place a lot of value on the quality of our creations – ranging from our selection of fabrics, our cuts and our manufacturing.

Our fabrics: Our fabrics are consciously selected with everyday use in mind. Elegantly flowing, comfortable to wear, crease-resistant and low-maintenance. This way you can go about your daily routines impeccably dressed.

Our cuts: „like made-to-measure“, is a compliment we frequently hear from our heppy customers. Look and see the perfect fit of our creations.
All cuts are hand made by designer Valena Fürstenberg, a trained tailor and pattern cutter, exclusively for Pony Maedchen.

Our manufacturing: Our models are lovingly hand-made to the very highest standards of quality – just for you. Every seam is where it is supposed to be and you will get lots of admiration for your new favorite dress.


We produce fair trade in Europe

This means: Our seamstresses are paid standard wages.

We strictly refuse to produce in East Asia.